Getting Started

How does this work - Sourcing Professional

1. Leverage the SourcingExchange body of knowledge 

  • Apply for a membership by filling out the application form
  • Browse the Answer sections for previously asked questions
  • Read the Expert Columns written by the SourcingExchange senior experts
  • Explore the knowledge items shared by the experts
  • Participate in the SourcingExchange events
  • Review the MarketPlace section for information on Service Providers

2. Get relevant and actionable advice 

  • Submit a question in the Answer section
  • We will review the question, tag the question and post this in the Answer section
  • We will then contact relevant Sourcing Experts to respond to your question
  • We will notify you when answers are posted
  • Review the responses and provide feedback on the quality of the answers

3. Contact an Expert directly

  • Search for the Experts based on key words and tags
  • Review their Answers to SourcingExchange member’s questions, their Expert Columns and submitted Knowledge Items and assess their expertise
  • Respond to their Expert Columns and Knowledge Items with more specific questions
  • Contact the Expert directly for more information or to hire them

4. Use the SourcingExchange platform to support your initiatives

  • Browse the Toolbox section for tools that will support your business or sourcing initiative
  • Use the free tools provided
  • Or pay to use the more extensive paid tools
  • Collaborate with other SourcingExchange members using the tools on your initiatives
  • Collaborate with other members of your organization, clients and/or service providers via a dedicated portal

How does it work? - Sourcing Experts

1. Build your profile

  • Upgrade your membership to SourcingExchange Expert for free
  • Fill out your profile clearly highlighting your fields of expertise and your experience
  • Match your expertise to the SourcingExchange tags
  • Include links to your Linkedin profile and other social media

2. Showcase your expertise by participating

  • Respond to questions posted in the Answers section or when approached by the SourcingExchange
  • Submit Knowledge Items which after review by the SourcingExchange will be posted in the Knowledge Items section
  • Solicit evaluations and reviews of your Answers and Knowledge Items
  • Respond to job/assignment opportunities posted by SourcingExchange members and get hired
  • Collaborate with other members on assignments

3. Develop further credibility by participating in specific invitation only opportunities

  • Based on your expertise and participation on the SourcingExchange get invited to write an Expert Column
  • On invitation, present at SourcingExchange events on your area of expertise
  • Receive invitation to respond to SourcingExchange Point of View topics, building the thought leadership of the SourcingExchange and directing the future knowledge development
  • Participate in specific customer or Multi-Client research opportunities

How does it work? - Service Provider

1. Become a Business Partner of the SourcingExchange

  • Contact the SourcingExchange using the contact form provided
  • Together we will review the Business Partner options and select the appropriate for your business
  • With the start of your Business Partner membership you will receive access to the SourcingExchange and specific events*

2. Showcase your company and its services*

  • Gain editorial access to your Market Place listing, service mapping and tags
  • Post news letters, recent wins and other specific postings on your Market Place listing
  • Host webinars to brief SourcingExchange members on your company or specific offerings (number of possible webinars limited by number of webinar opportunities and Business Partnership package selected)
  • Receive speaking opportunities at specific SourcingExchange events for you and your clients

3. Develop a network of Sourcing Professionals relevant to your company*

  • Gain access to specific SourcingExchange events to network with SourcingExchange members
  • Receive invitations from SourcingExchange members to participate in market development and sales opportunities
  • Receive invitation-only opportunities for your senior executives to attend Advisory Board events with leading SourcingExchange experts and key clients

4. Collaborate during sourcing events and research opportunities

  • Collaborate with clients and SourcingExchange members using the tools in the Toolbox section
  • Participate with other Business Partners in the multi-client research studies
  • Take part in market development and sales opportunities hosted on SourcingExchange tooling

*Note: Features depend on Business Partnership options selected