Helping you Succeed in Sourcing

  • Discuss and connect with leading Sourcing Professionals
  • Get relevant and actionable advice
  • Industry standard knowledge base and sourcing tools
  • Grow your skills and expertise in our Learning community

Learning Community, Toolbox, Marketplace

Our mission is to help Sourcing Professionals succeed in their profession. We do this by facilitating a learning community, growing a toolbox for Sourcing Professionals and a Marketplace for jobs and sourcing opportunities.

How Can Sourcing Exchange Help you?

Sourcing Professional

  • Leverage the SourcingExchange body of knowledge
  • Get relevant and actionable advice
  • Contact an Expert directly
  • Grow your sourcing skills and stay up to date in our learning community
  • Use the SourcingExchange platform to support your initiatives

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Sourcing Expert

  • Showcase your expertise by participating
  • Easily engage with potential clients
  • Share knowledge and leverage content marketing tools
  • Build thought leadership of the SourcingExchange and present at events on your area of expertise

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Service Provider

  • Showcase your company and its services
  • Develop a network of Sourcing Professionals relevant to your company
  • Collaborate during sourcing events and research opportunities
  • Receive invitations from SourcingExchange members to participate in market development and sales opportunities

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